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How Far?

From the East Coast to the West Coast is 3983km. From North to South is 3138km

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How Old?

Australia is the most ancient land mass in the world; 3000 million years old.

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How Hot?

The highest recorded temperature of 53.1c was at Cloncurry (QLD) on January 16, 1898. Marble Bar in WA is the hottest place in the world - temperature exceed 37.8c (100F) for 160 days in a row.

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How Cold?

The lowest temperature of -23c was at Charlotte Pass (NSW) on June 28, 1994.

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How Many?

45 species of Kangaroo; 140 species of snakes; 360 species of lizard and around 20 million people.

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Who Is?

QANTAS is the airline that has never had a fatal plane accident in its 85 year history.

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When Did?

Australia's Aboriginal tribes arrived during the Ice Age 70,000 years ago. First settlement was in Port Jackson (NSW) in 1778.

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How Big?

Australia has an area of 7,686,850 square KM (same size as the USA mainland) and is the 6th largest country in the world. It's 24 times the size of the British Isles and makes up 6% of land surface of the world

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How Much ?

The highest rainfall area in Australia is Tully in North Queensland, the highest daily rainfall recorded in Tully was 1140mm (45 inches).  In contrast it is interesting to know that Lake Eyre in South Australia has the lowest rainfall  in Australia recording a yearly maximum of only 101mm (1 inch).

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Highs' and Lows'

Did you know the highest point is Mount Kosciuszko at 2,229 m above sea level in New South Wales.

And the lowest point is Lake Eyre in South Australia at only 15 m above sea level

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