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Water Wheel Creek Timber Heritage Experience

Water Wheel Creek Timber Heritage Experience

1314 Mawbanna Road
Mawbanna, Tasmania, 7321

Phone: (03) 6458 8144

Welcome to Water Wheel Creek Timber Heritage Experience 

Water Wheel Creek Timber Heritage Experience is a unique new tourist and heritage venture established in February 2006, situated at Mawbanna near Stanley in North West Tasmania.
Our Timber Heritage Experience includes guided tours of 20 hectares of beautiful, privately owned and preserved, natural Tasmanian bush-land which was once one of many sites used for selective logging by early pioneer settlers.

Since the days of early settlers our land has been left to it’s own and nature and wildlife once again hold sway over what was once the heart of Tasmanian Tiger country.

Water Wheel Creek Timber Heritage Experience is located on the picturesque Mawbanna Road which leads to Dip Falls and The Big Tree; two significant visitor attractions of the area and a must see for anyone visiting the North West of Tasmania.


Environmental and Cultural Values in Harmony

Environmental and cultural values of responsible conservation and responsible harvesting of natural resources are firmly held at Water Wheel Creek.
Water Wheel Creek celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of our natural environment, while at the same time honouring the memory of those pioneers who used their ingenuity to open up the land and build communities.

We invite people to enjoy the richness of the forest eco-system and consider the rich social heritage of the early timber communities. Every photograph and every item on display has its own story - often a story of hardship and resilience.

Visitors to Water Wheel Creek are encouraged to capture the spirit of the bush - its past and present, its people and its lush beauty.


Be sure to drop by Water Wheel Creek when you visit our pristine state to experience the beauty, richness and serenity of the natural Tasmanian bush and discover how the early settlers of our country lived and worked the land.


For more information please visit our website (see link above) or give us a call on (03) 6458 8144.