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Australia has an area of 7,686,850 square KM (same size as the USA mainland) and is the 6th largest country in the world. It's 24 times the...
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Monarto Zoo

Monarto Zoo

Princes Hwy
Monarto, South Australia, 5254

Phone: (08) 8534 4100

Welcome to Monarto Zoo

Monarto Zoo is a 1,000 hectare open-range sanctuary undertaking a major role nationally and internationally in breeding programs for rare and endangered species.

If you have ever wanted to pat a cheetah or rhinoceros, perhaps feed a giraffe, then Monarto Zoological Park is the place for you.

You can hop on and off the Zu-Loop safari bus, planning your day to suit yourself so you can spend more time with your favourite animals and their keepers.

A fantastic family day out.

Visit our website for more details - this will be the highlight of your visit to the Murraylands.