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Albany Historical Society

Albany Historical Society

PO Box 411
Albany, Western Australia, 6331

Phone: (08) 9841 5403

Albany Historical Society

Welcome to historic Albany!

Albany became the first settlement in Western Australia, known in its early days as Frederickstown, with the arrival of Major Edmund Lockyer and a contingent of convicts, soldiers, a surgeon and storekeeper in the brig Amity on Christmas Day, 1826.

Today Albany is a thriving regional centre and popular tourist destination, boasting many wonderful, well preserved buildings from earlier times; so well preserved in fact that they are still in use today.

Albany Historical Society is the proud custodian of three of these treasures, maintaining them on a voluntary basis and inviting the public to come and visit our past.

Albany Convict Gaol

The old gaol is now fully restored and the ghosts of the unfortunates who inhabited it can be visited daily. Displays in the Great Hall, warders' quarters and cells illustrate the way things were in past, less privileged, times. Also available are night tours of the Gaol.

At the Gaol - The Felber Collection Miniature World

Lovingly and painstakingly developed over a period of many years by Albany residents Bill and the late Edith Felber, the intricately detailed and quirkily humorous Miniature World will appeal to young and old.

Patrick Taylor Cottage

This 11 room wattle and daub home, furnished as it would have been in bygone days, is the oldest surviving dwelling in Western Australia. The cottage is the pride and joy of the Albany Historical Society and a must-see attraction for visitors.

The Brig Amity

In association with the City of Albany, the Albany Historical Society is proud to offer guided tours of this Albany icon - a replica of the sailing ship which brought the first settlers to Western Australia.

Albany Co-op Store Museum

New Year 2009 will see the Albany Historical Society's long held ambition to open the old P&O Albany Co-operative Store as a Display Storage Museum. The Society for many years has used this building as a repository for its artefacts and objects that have not been on public display within its other Museums.

Albany and the Anzacs

Read a little about Albany's early settlement and history, including its association with Australia's Anzacs. The first and second convoys of Anzacs assembled here in Albany; for those who did not return, this beautiful coastline was their last sight of Australia.

Photos, publications, artworks and archives

Albany Historical Society has an extensive collection of photographs as well as a number of publications, copies of which are available for purchase. Our archives and visual art collection are available for public viewing by appointment.

Membership and volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Albany Historical Society, or perhaps one of the volunteers without whom our museums and attractions could not operate, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you in Albany soon!