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Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

Lark Quarry Conservation Park Winton Jundah Rd
Winton, Queensland, 4735

Phone: (07) 4657 1466

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument - Winton

Travel back in time 95 million years with a visit to the Lark Quarry Conservation Park, the site of the world’s only recorded evidence of a dinosaur stampede.
In this place, around 95 million years ago, a large herd of small two legged dinosaurs gathered on the banks of a forest lake to drink. The herd was stalked by a large carnivorous dinosaur – four tonnes of sharp-clawed, meat-eating dinosaur. The herd panicked, stampeding across the muddy flats to escape the Carnosaur’s hungry jaws. These footprints later became perfectly preserved fossils

Over 3,300 fossilised footprints are on display, housed in an award-winning ecologically sustainable complex. The Dinosaur Stampede National Monument is open twelve months of the year, and interpretive tours of the stampede run three times daily, exploring the history of the stampede from creation to discovery and display. Further explore the stunning surrounding landscape on the Spinifex Walk, or relax with a picnic in the shade.

Situated only 110km south-west of Winton the Lark Quarry Conservation Park is in the heart of the breath-taking scenery of Jump Up country, spectacular Spinifex and red earth landscape eroded from ancient lake and stream beds. Approximately half of the road to Lark Quarry Conservation Park is sealed, with the remaining half unsealed. The road is suitable for use by conventional vehicles in fair weather. Please stop at the Winton Visitor Information Centre to check on road conditions before commencing your journey to the Dinosaur Stampede.

There is no fuel or food facilities available on site, however there are toilets, water and picnic facilities. The complex is fully accessible by wheelchair; however the Spinifex Walk is not.
Winton Shire Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service jointly manage Lark Quarry Conservation Park and the Dinosaur Stampede. Queensland Museum provides ongoing Stampede scientific advice.

A trip to the Dinosaur Stampede is an experience not to be missed!