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Sarina District Historical Centre Inc

Sarina District Historical Centre Inc

Railway Square - Bruce Hwy
Sarina, Queensland, 4737

Phone: (07) 4956 2436 or AH (07) 4943 1926

The Sarina District Historical Centre

The Sarina District Historical Centre building was built in 1923 and opened in November that year as a Presbytery for the Catholic Church here in Sarina.The parish priest at the time, Fr Tom Hogan, wrote to the Sisters of Mercy in Rockhampton and asked if they would be able to have some nuns in Sarina to teach the children of the area and in May 1925 the first Catholic School was opened. Fr Hogan turned the Presbytery into a convent for the nuns with a few alterations to the building. The sisters remained here until 1987 when they left because of the lack of numbers. From 1925-1987, 82 Sisters of Mercy taught in Sarina. From 1988-1998 the building was used as a parish centre for the church as well as a home base for the Respite Care Centre.

In May 1998 the parish approached the council to see if they would like the building for the community. The building was moved to its current location at the Field of Dreams Parklands on the 19th January 2001.

A visit to the Centre will provide you with a great insight into the history of this region:

VEGEMITE - vegemite is produced from Molasses which comes from sugar cane and was produced in Sarina for 10 years in the 1960's. It was all done here except for the final process. It was sent to Melbourne and the final stage was done there.


MUSIC ROOM - this room was the music room when the Sisters of Mercy occupied the building. They not only taught children from the Catholic School but any children in the community. The piano is over 100 years old!

TOY SHOP -  the toys displayed here are from the 1920's through to the 1970's. There is a toy to satisfy everyone and they are certain to bring back some childhood memories!

OLD BACKYARD - this shows the old outdoor toilet, the propped up clothes line, old push mower as well as some toys from days gone by

OLD KITCHEN - highlight is the old wood stove (which still works) as well as some of the items used by the lady of the house

INDUSTRY ROOM - we go from the old cane cutter to equipment from the local distillery to showing how cane used to be cut and carted to the mill and harbour as well as photos and stories about other local industries.

OLD SCHOOL ROOM - we have the teacher in the back of the class room with old school clothing to lots of items and from as far back as 1903 that were used in the school room

FAMILY PLAQUES - there are 399 Family Plaques in our gardens show casing the family who helped make the former Sarina Shire Council region what it is today. From these plaques we have published 3 books with a 4th to be published before the end of 2010. These stories have been written by family members telling us in their words what their family did in the Sarina region.


Open from Monday to Friday 9am to 2.30pm from mid April to 2nd week of December - January February & March open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ph. (07) 4956 2436 or after hours (07) 4943 1926 - Group bookings are always welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sarina District Historical Centre!