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Heinemann's Bakery

Heinemann's Bakery

84 Alfred Street
Charleville, Queensland, 4470

Phone: (07) 4654 3991

Award Winning Heinemann's Bakery - Open Everyday!

Eat in or Take-Away - Fine Food and Great Coffee

* Espresso coffee
* Full coffee shop menu including beakfast from 7am
* Delicious cheese cakes and slices
* Large variety of pies and pastries
* Specialty breads  & "Smoo" real fruit smoothies

AWARD-winning Heinemann’s Bakery, Charleville, offers a full coffee shop menu, including hearty country breakfasts from 7am, specialty
breads, a large variety of pies and pastries, and delicious cakes and slices. Their cheese cake varieties are a favourite with locals and visitors alike.
Want a refreshing beverage? Try a house speciality, the “Smoo” real fruit smoothie.

For coffee lovers, this place is a real find, serving a sophisticated selection of “city-style” coffees that smell just as good as they taste. The bakery is open from 6 am to 4.30 pm, and the Coffee @ Eighty-Four coffee shop serves breakfast from 7 to 10am, brunch and lunch from 10 to 2 Monday to Friday, and half days on Saturday and Sunday.

Beverages and light snacks are still available outside of main menu times, so you never have to miss out. The bakery has focaccias, bagels, cobb loaves and other specialty breads along with a wide range of pasties and pies, including the delectable beef burgundy and the curried chicken selections.

When you visit Charleville, make sure you visit Heinemann’s Bakery “Simply Unique” and Coffee @ Eighty-Four.