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The highest recorded temperature of 53.1c was at Cloncurry (QLD) on January 16, 1898. Marble Bar in WA is the hottest place in the world -...
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William Creek
William Creek, South Australia, 5710

Phone: (08) 8670 7962


Lake Eyre & Outback Flights - Aboriginal Art Tours - Painted Hills Flights

*  WRIGHTSAIR, was originally established in 1990 and now operates as a division of Freycinet Air Pty Ltd.

*  WRIGHTSAIR provides highly experienced pilots and extensive outback experience.

*  WRIGHTSAIR specialises in outback scenic flights, Aboriginal Art Tours and aircraft charter from William Creek and Coober Pedy in outback South Australia.

We have fully equipped and highly maintained high wing aircraft .The Cessna 210, Cessna 207 and Cessna 172 are utilised for their reliability, comfort and suitability in outback areas of Australia.

WRIGHTSAIR maintains a close relationship with both the local communities and cattle stations.

William Creek settlement, where WRIGHTSAIR is situated, is the closest town to Lake Eyre, (only 100 kilometres away). We have an excellent knowledge of Lake Eyre, including the river systems that feed it.

We are always updating our destinations depending on conditions so it is best to visit our website for a full range of available tours - there is also a printable PDF brochure available. Visit:

We look forward to seeing you in the amazing 'Outback' soon!