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Packsaddle Roadhouse

Packsaddle Roadhouse

17242 Silver City Highway
Broken Hill, New South Wales, 2880

Phone: (08) 8091 2539

The Packsaddle Roadhouse - be sure to stop for FUEL!


The Packsaddle Roadhouse is located adjacent to the Silver City Highway, 175 km north of Broken Hill (nestled between the city of Broken Hill and rural towns of Tibooburra and White Cliffs), and is home for Mia and Arnie Degumois and family. It provides a welcome stopping place for travelers to the Corner Country and beyond. 

Packsaddle is an old name in the Corner Country. Nearby is the Packsaddle Creek, and surrounding the roadhouse is Packsaddle Station, part of an earlier large property owned by the Goldborough Mort and Co in the 1890s, and Kidman in the 1920s.

During the days of coach and camel transport, a horse exchange and hotel was located and named Packsaddle Hotel.

Today the Packsaddle Roadhouse maintains its connections with the pastoral heritage with a well appointed dining room displaying museum and memorabilia pieces from a bygone era.

A pit stop at the Packsaddle Roadhouse  can keep you motoring through to your destination by offering minor mechanical repairs, take away or dine in meals (our hamburgers are famous), ice cold beers, drinks, sweets and most importantly FUEL - It's a long walk to the nearest Servo!

If you are tied and need a break, stay in the air conditioned rooms or stay at the powered camp area - stop, rest, revive at The Packsaddle Roadhouse!

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