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QANTAS is the airline that has never had a fatal plane accident in its 85 year history.

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Einasleigh Hotel

Einasleigh Hotel

1 Daintree Street
Einasleigh, Queensland, 4871

Phone: (07) 4062 5222

Einasleigh Hotel

The Einasleigh Hotel (known as the Central Hotel until 1999) was constructed between August 1908 and June 1909.  It is the sole survivor of five hotels that were trading in the copper mining town of Einasleigh by the end of 1910. It is the largest and most visually dominant building in the small township of Einasleigh and has a landmark quality that helps to define the township.

The Hotel provides a focal point for many social activities in the district such as the annual rodeo, sports and racing clubs, and governments and private educational classes for pastoralists. It has survived two fires and its fascinating history make it a popular visiting spot for visitors and travellers to the region.

Alan Start, the publican of the hotel will make you feel welcome and is a fantastic host that is more that happy to fill you on the hotels history.

View the new Miniature Collection Located in the Hotel, it is a truly magnificent miniature collection skillfully handcrafted by Alan's late father, the collection is museum quality and should not be missed.

Accommodation is available at the hotel in rooms that have been tastefully decorated to reflect its historic history and the rates very affordable.