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Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Hotel

Adelaide Street
Birdsville, Queensland, 4482

Phone: (07) 4656 3244

Birdsville Hotel



Out there in this timeless land, maps have been scratched into the red soil guiding outback travellers to the secrets of Australia’s vast interior. Out there, where the bitumen turns to dust, follow THE OUTBACK LOOP® to discover some of Australia’s most treasured outback watering holes

The iconic Birdsville Hotel sits on the edge of the Simpson Desert in the heart of the Outback. Since 1884 stockmen, travellers and tourists have shared the joy of finding this sanctuary from the blistering sun.

It is a part of Australia’s outback legend, where yarns have been spun and people from around the world meet on the edge of the desert to enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

The Birdsville Hotel is a destination in itself – whether you’ve driven for days or your aircraft has landed on the airstrip next to the pub - you’ll be offered a warm outback welcome, washed down with an ice-cold beer.

The Innamincka Hotel stands on a gibber plain overlooking the beautiful Cooper Creek in South Australia’s far north. It has long been regarded as an iconic outback watering hole and the social hub of Innamincka, one of the most remote outpost settlements in Australia. Expect the unexpected in the newly refurbished Outamincka Bar, which pays homage to the ill fated but incredible trans-continental trek of 19th century explorers Burke and Wills.

Today the Innamincka Hotel is a living monument to Australian pioneering history, and the sagas of the early explorers. It is an authentic outback pub where the spirit of Australian mateship is alive and well.

The Birdsville Hotel® and The Innamincka Hotel® invite you to soak up the spirit of the Outback and experience THE OUTBACK LOOP®.

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