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Low Street
Georgetown, Queensland, 4871

Phone: (07) 4062 1485

TerrEstrial - The Ted Elliott Mineral Collection

Considered a major Georgetown attraction TerrEstrial incorporates the Ted Elliott Mineral Collection (considered the most comprehinsive privately owned collection in Australia), a fully accredited tourist information centre, internet cafe, library and an art display.

The TerrEstrial Centre has won a number of awards since its inception and should be your first stop when you visit this fascinating region. TerrEstrial houses more than 4500 mineral specimans in nine themed rooms. There are displays of gold and precious minerals, flourescent minerals, overseas minerals and a room showing how minerals can be polilshed to great effect - the display is named "Rough to Smooth".

Even the pebbles in the courtyard are of glacial origin and the slate contains fossil-like pattens!

Our friendly staff can also point you in the direction of the many other attractions not to be missed when visiting Georgetown and Etheridge Shire.

We look forward to seeing you soon at TerrEstrial in Georgetown!