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When Did?

Australia's Aboriginal tribes arrived during the Ice Age 70,000 years ago. First settlement was in Port Jackson (NSW) in 1778.

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Riverfun Houseboats

Riverfun Houseboats

PO Box 704
Renmark, South Australia, 5341

Phone: (08) 8595 5537

Riverfun Houseboats - Renmark

Yes we do have water in the murray – still at normal levels !!

Why Riverfun Houseboats?  

We believe it's a simple question, we conduct business in a friendly and professional manner and operate on the best part or the Murray River.

Our aim is to ensure that you are catered for in such a way that your experience on the Murray River is lasting in your happy memories, and return to repeat the experience with Riverfun Houseboats another time.
Relax to the sounds of water lapping against the sides of your luxury houseboat. Cruise at your leisure through the stunning Murray River South Australia. Choose to holiday in the peaceful solitude of an unspoilt wilderness only a few hours drive away from Adelaide.

For detailed  information on Riverfun Houseboats including photos of our vessels, prices and packages  visit our website (see link above).

We look forward to helping you plan that houseboat holiday you have always wanted to have!