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Australia's Aboriginal tribes arrived during the Ice Age 70,000 years ago. First settlement was in Port Jackson (NSW) in 1778.

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Kulin Shire - Resource & Visitor Centre

Kulin Shire - Resource & Visitor Centre

32 Johnston Street
Kulin, Western Australia, 6365

Phone: (08) 9880 1021

Kulin - Resource Centre and Visitor Information Centre


If you are looking for a new lifestyle, a promising start to a new business venture or a friendly and beautiful place to visit then Kulin is the obvious choice.
Kulin is located in the upper great southern Wheatbelt, the Shire of Kulin covers an area of 4,790 square kilometres encompassing the towns of Kulin, Pingaring, Dudinin, Jitarning, and Holt Rock. The Kulin economy is based on agriculture and was settled by pastoralists in 1905. In the Shire you can enjoy an excellent quality of life promoted by safe, quiet, country surroundings and supported by active community and sporting groups. Residents have easy access to a broad range of quality services and reliable infrastructure.

Kulin has a long and interesting history of horse racing dating back to the early 1920s and 30s. With these races so much a part of the Kulin district it has been wonderful to once again re-establish the race meeting and promote it as an attraction for the Kulin district.Horse racing was a big attraction at the Kulin Agricultural Show when horses and riders from surrounding districts gathered for race events. Kulin has also held race meetings where jockeys came from Perth to ride local horses. Mr. and Mrs. Norm Tyley billeted the jockeys and Mrs. Tyley had the job of washing and ironing the jockeys silks.

Jitarning, a small township in the Kulin Shire approx. 28km from Kulin, also held race meetings. Horses and trainers travelled from Narrogin by train to attend with both the trainers and horses sharing the same van. Bookmakers also attended from Narrogin. In more recent years Jilakin Rock was chosen as a picturesque venue for the town Gala Day which featured horse racing. The day was always well supported by locals with local horses and riders always a feature.
With the races commencing in Jitarning in the early years and then moving to Jilakin it was seen that Jilakin Rock was the ideal location for the Kulin Bush Races due to its proximity to Kulin, history of races and the natural beauty of the area, surrounding bush land, lake and unusual flora.
The Kulin Bush Races held in October every year are now a famous attraction to this part of Western Australia's Heartlands.
If you would like more information on Kulin and the surrounding districts - the Kulin Resource and Visitor Centre will be able to offer friendly helpful service.
We look forward to seeing you soon in Kulin!