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Shire of Murchison

Shire of Murchison

PO Box 61
Mullewa, Western Australia, 6630

Phone: (08) 9963 7999

Shire of Murchison

The Murchison Council serves 29 stations and a population of up to 160, this Shire is approximately 50,000 square kilometres in size.  Most properties are managed by family units and the main income is from cattle, meat sheep and some fine wool.  The Murchison Shire is often referred to as the "Shire with no Town", this is because no gazetted townsite exists within the Shire and it is believed to be the only Shire in Australia where this exists.

There are some fantastic natural attractions within the Shire that are well worth a visit:

Errabidy Bluff - Spectacular rock formations 20 minutes drive west from Murchison Settlement with a large variety of interesting flora and fauna.

Bilung Pool - 150km north of Murchison Settlement on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road.  A natural waterhole with a large cliff face.  Water flows over this cliff face forming a spectacular waterfall after decent rainfall.

Murchison Museum - The Museum was built in 1985 with rammed earth and timber in the style of an early station homestead and has a great collection of pastoral artifacts including a fascinating photographic record.

Murchison Settlement - The Settlement is situated on the Carnarvon-Mullewa Road and has a variety of facilities for the traveller including a Roadhouse, Caravan Park and Childrens Playground.

We look forward to seeing you in the Shire of Murchison on your travels!