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Australia's Aboriginal tribes arrived during the Ice Age 70,000 years ago. First settlement was in Port Jackson (NSW) in 1778.

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Gungellan Hotel

Gungellan Hotel

9 Gray Street
Freeling, South Australia, 5372

Phone: (08) 8525 2009


This friendly, historic hotel was made famous in the hit TV series McLeod's Daughters.

Open 7 days for lunch and dinner it is well worth a visit!

Front bar and dining room

8 Ball and Pokies

Beer Garden and BBQ facilities

Video Juke Box and live entertainment

Friendly, country hospitality

You are also able to purchase McLeods Daughters souvenir items:

cigarette lighters, postcards, key rings, teaspoons, tea towels, polo shirts, singlets and much more................

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Gungellan Hotel Freeling.