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How Cold?

The lowest temperature of -23c was at Charlotte Pass (NSW) on June 28, 1994.

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Quilpie Shire

Quilpie Shire

51 Brolga Street
Quilpie, Queensland, 4480

Phone: (07) 4656 0540

"Simply Unique".... so you better stay awhile


“From the air, the landscape seems vastly different than from the ground. The earth seems redder, the homesteads lonelier and the vast horizons more distant.”

Quilpie Shire has plenty to offer the visitor. With five towns that make up the shire, there are plenty of activities and things to see and do as you travel through each of our communities. Why not visit the opal alter in Quilpe. Find out why the cemetery is called 'cemery' in Toompine.  Visit Eromanga - the furthest town from the sea.  Also don't forget to have a beer in the newly renovated  Adavale Pub and visit the old railway station at Cheepie.

Here are some quick ideas to get you going:

Visit the furthest town from the ocean - Eromanga and have a picnic at the Opalopolis Park while viewing the stunning mining memorial statue that represents the past, present and future opal miners and visit the Living History Centre

Visit the end of the Railway Line in Quilpie and take a photo to prove it

Visit the only opal altar, lectern and font in Australia in Quilpie's St Finbarr's Church

Have you ever seen a 'cemery', find out why the Toompine local cemetery is called 'Cemery'

Visit the regional and remote Adavale Surf Lifesaving Club, while there get your photo with a giant beer can and see the giant bullock horns

Explore the history of the Blackwater Creek floodway in Adavale built by Polish migrants

Piece together the old Quilpie Hospital in Quilpie

Climb to the top of Baldy Top lookout, one of the highest points in western Queensland, just outside Quilpie

Watch out for the cattle in the main street of Quilpie and discover how the stockmen continues to keep them all under control

Visit the site where Amy Johnson landed in Quilpie and view the display at the Amy Johnson Airport Terminal. Also learn about the Woolscour at the Terminal.

Visit Toompine - the pub with no town 
Visit the Eromanga Living History Centre
Check out the various opal shops in Quilpie
The Quilpie Visitor Information Centre can provide you with all the information you need when visiting this region of Queensland - give us a call for one of our FREE information packs or you can visit our website.

We look forward to seeing you soon in this friendly part of Queenslands Outback!