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Mt Romance - The Sandalwood Factory

Mt Romance - The Sandalwood Factory

2 Down Rd
Albany, Western Australia, 6330

Phone: (08) 9845 6888

Mt RomanceThe Sandalwood Factory is open daily from 9am – 5pm (except Christmas Day) and offers FREE tours.

Mt Romance is one of Albany’s major tourist attractions offering visitors a fantastic variety of activities. Free tours give visitors an insight into the history of the Australian Sandalwood industry and the sandalwood oil extraction process. Today, as the world’s largest producer of sandalwood oil, Mt Romance supplies pure sandalwood oil to the major fragrance houses of the world for perfume as well as aromatherapy.
A unique range of sandalwood products is also manufactured at Mt Romance including skin care and cosmetics. The Sandalwood nut is used in a world-first anti-aging cosmetic range, 2bYoung, which has been developed by Mt Romance.
The newly renovated showroom features the Giant Perfume Bottle and provides visitors with the opportunity to sample the extensive range of products including sandalwood infused Great Southern wines. The Sandalwood Cellar also showcases a select number of other local wines and local produce.
Indulge in personalised beauty treatments in Santal Signature Spa and the Cosmetic 101 Make-up Studio or allow yourself to experience the ultimate in relaxation in the famous “Cone, Gong and Bowl” - where the powers of the scent of the sandalwood combine with the transforming resonant sounds of the Gongs to provide deep relaxation and meditative states.
Your visit will not be complete without taking time to enjoy locally roasted coffee and homemade cakes and lunches in The Sandalwood Cafe.

The Sandalwood Factory is the essential Albany experience!

Visit our website to discover online shopping and also to learn about our new showroom in Kununurra – the home of our Indian Sandalwood plantations!