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45 species of Kangaroo; 140 species of snakes; 360 species of lizard and around 20 million people.

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Trowunna Wildlife Park

Trowunna Wildlife Park

1982 Mole Creek Rd
Mole Creek, Tasmania, 7304

Phone: (03) 6363 6162

Trowanna Wildlife Park offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Interact with native Tasmanian wildlife, including Tasmanian Devils and wombats. Our enthusiastic, friendly guides will be able to educate and amaze you with their knowldedge.  With most of the inhabitants naturally occurring on the property, Trowunna has a great range of marsupials, birds and reptiles on site.  Trowunna is committed to many projects that lend support to the conservation of animals in the wild (in situ conservation).

We look forward to your visit with us at Trowunna - use the link to our website for more information and photos.