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Piccaninne Ponds

Piccaninne Ponds

Nelson Road
Mount Gambier, South Australia, 5290

Phone: 08 8735 1177

The freshwater sinkhole of Piccaninne Ponds is regarded as one of the best snorkeling and cave diving sites in Australia.

With visibility that can exceed 40 metres it offers an amazing underwater world like no other - where tiny fish dart through the water, aquatic plants grow up to six metres tall and mysterious underwater caves beckon.

The magnificent beauty of these caves is what attracts experienced divers from around the world. Formed over thousands of years, the caves have been created by water bubbling up through the limestone from deep underground springs. Where water pressure has weakened the limestone, large walls of limestone have collapsed, resulting in spectacular underwater features like The Chasm and The Cathedral.

For cave divers descending into The Chasm is the ultimate thrill. Dropping well over 100 metres, it gets darker the deeper you go. While The Cathedral, known for the beautiful green algae, which clings to its sheer white walls, is another highlight.

For snorkellers, you can drift across the top of The Chasm and peer into the dark depths below. Or let the current gently carry you along while looking for aquatic life such as fish, shrimp, tortoises or crabs searching for food.

To protect this fragile environment a permit to snorkel or dive is compulsory. A booking system is used, allowing a limit of eight people in the water at any one time.