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QANTAS is the airline that has never had a fatal plane accident in its 85 year history.

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Cosmos Centre & Observatory

Cosmos Centre & Observatory

Qantas Drive
Charleville, Queensland, 4470

Phone: (07) 4654 7771

Cosmos Centre & Observatory

The Outback night sky is simply 'out of this world' and there is no better way to see it than through the powerful Meade Telescopes at Cosmos Observatory.

View distant star clusters, planets and the Moon - by day or night you can enjoy all things 'cosmic', hold meteorites, learn about the aboriginal night sky, the size of stars and the changes to our Solar System.

At the Cosmos Observatory our guides will take you deep into space where star clusters, 16,000 light years away, are suspended in the night sky, or perhaps you would like a 'close up' of the craters on the Moon or one of the other planets of the Solar System.

If you are travelling through the outback be sure to see the night sky at the Cosmos Centre & Observatory.