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Australia's Aboriginal tribes arrived during the Ice Age 70,000 years ago. First settlement was in Port Jackson (NSW) in 1778.

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Swim With The Tuna

Swim With The Tuna

PO Box 2058
Port Lincoln, South Australia, 5606

Phone: 1300 00 8862

Swim With The Tuna - Port Lincoln

Departs Daily at 10am

The 3 hours of excitement begins with a 15 minute ride in our luxury catamaran to the WORLD CLASS tuna pontoon.

Pull on a wetsuit, snorkel, gloves and fins then jump in! Hand feed and swim with one of the fastest fish in the world, the Blue Fin Tuna...

Check out our underwater observatory - click-click-click the super fast BLUE FIN TUNA, Snapper, Salmon, Morwong, Mulloway, Sweep and many more.

Enjoy touching and watching the different marine species in our touch pond.

Relax with a sausage sizzle, refreshing drink, chips or homemade cookies in our undercover Divers Deli.Send a postcard to a friend from our marine post office. Stock up on cool souvenirs.

You will enjoy our informative cruise across Boston Bay and the Township of Port Lincoln before returning to the Marina.

All the things you may want to know:

How do I book?

There are several ways please visit our online booking page (see website

What time does the boat leave and return?

We cast off at 10am daily. During SA School holidays we depart at 10am and 2pm

How long does the fun last?

Fishy friends, the memories will last a lifetime; the adventure lasts around 3 hours. That’s a 15-minute ride there and back, plus about 3 hours to enjoy the platform activities. As an added bonus you will enjoy a short cruise of Boston Bay before returning to the Marina. And if you’re lucky, we just might chat to a pod of dolphins on the way!

What else is included in the ticket price?

We want you to have a fin-tastic time! So it includes hire of wetsuits from XS to XXXL, life jackets, snorkels & masks; complimentary tea, coffee & sunscreen; showers, change rooms & toilets.
What should we wear and bring?

Don’t freak out the tuna – no swimming in the raw! Bring your budgie smugglers (that means swimming costume) & towel. Plus your hat, sunnies & camera! But don’t fret little buddies, if you forget your towel, we have $5 towels to buy.

How big is the tuna platform?

It’s fin dinkum huge! It’s the biggest one in South Australia and measures 30m long by 12m wide.

Is it safe for babies and children?

Yes, this is fishy fun for the whole family! But remember, all kids accompanied by an adult.

Is it easy to get in and out of the water?

It’s flat out easy! Our swim platforms sit 40cm below the water so you can swim off and on.

What’s the best day to go?

It’s fish o’clock every day! So come on over – we’re open every day except Christmas Day.

Will I get seasick?

Go green around the gills? We hope not! You should be fine as our Tuna Platform is very stable.

Can I use a credit card on the Tuna Platform?

Yes. Bring the plastic fish-tastic and stock up on cool T-shirts and souvenirs for yourself and friends also when hunger hits we have a sausage sizzle & home made cookies!

Do you ever cancel?

Very rarely. But if the weather is rough, for your safety and comfort, we might have to reschedule.

Can I change dates?

Give us 24 hours notice and, if we have tickets available for another session, of course you can! It won’t cost you any more. 

Our Swim With The Tuna experience it THE most exciting, family friendly, best value attraction South Australia has to offer - we guarantee it!

Now all you have to to is BOOK, see ya soon on the tuna pontoon!