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Peterborough Motorcycle & Antique Museum

Peterborough Motorcycle & Antique Museum

59 Kitchener Street
Peterborough, South Australia, 5422

Phone: (08) 8651 2810

Peterborough Motorcycle & Antique Museum

We are open most days. If you are coming from afar, please feel free to phone ahead to ensure we will be open.

We opened our museum in May 2008, our focus was to introduce a collection of motorcycles not seen or heard of very much, if at all here in Australia. We presently have Motorcycles from 13 countries.

You can expect to see:

Engine Capacity Make Year Country
40CC Husqvana Auto Cycle 1952 Sweden
50CC Gitane testi corsifie' 1973
50CC Guilietta 1965 Italy
50CC Flandria 1963 Belgium
50CC Cimatti 1971 + 1972 Italy
50CC Paloma 1969 France
50CC Rocvale 1972 Italy
50CC Gitane Testi 1972 France
50CC Benelli 1964 Italy
50CC Negrini 1968 Italy
50CC Malanca 1962 Italy
50CC Itom 1967 Italy
50CC Casal 1975 Portugal
50CC Hercules K50SE 1974 West Germany
50CC Malaguti 1972 Italy
50CC Garelli 1966 Italy
50CC Gloria Micromotor AMF Milano 1951 Italy
100CC James Cadet 1949 England
125CC Malanca 1980 Italy
125CC Puch 1967 Austria
125CC Motobecane 1977 France
125CC Villa 1987 Austria
125CC Bombardier 1971 Canada
125CC Casal 1975 Portugal
250CC Bultaco 1966 Spain
250CC Ossa Wildfire -- Race Bike 1968 Spain
250CC Harley Davidson golf buggy
(Road registered as a utility) 1968 USA
250CC Yvels French racing bike. 1921 France
350CC Aermacchi 1969 Italy
350CC Cossack 1972 Russia
500CC Laverda Monjuic 1979 Italy
750CC Honda Automatic 1977 Japan
750CC Moto Guzzi S3 1975 Italy
850CC Moto Guzzi MK1 Lemans 1976 Italy
1000CC Laverda Jota 1981 Italy


Groups are welcome , and if you ring ahead we will put the urn on or you can bring your own supplies and use our courtyard,bbq and urn to stop and have your lunch..

Peterborough B&B Accommodation.

Tennyson Hall - Past History with a touch of Present Day Luxury.

Situated at the Former Historic Baptist Church, it was built in 1913 as the men's meeting room and children's Sunday school room.

It offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere with a large en-suite and beautiful fittings.

The room is $110.00 a night, includes tea, coffee, hot chocolate, herbal teas, soft drinks, chips, delightful biscuits and a small welcome gift to share together.

A toaster is provided, and when finished an outside cooking area will also be available.

Tennyson Hall is a small building that stands alone on the site, it was built in 1913 as the men's prayer room "We hope to offer you a very comfortable and friendly stay ".

For enquiries or advanced bookings please phone (08) 8651 2810 or contact us at also visit our website (see link above). 

The Motorcycle & Antiques Museum exists because we both had the same dreams and seized the opportunity to make it a reality. We hope you visit soon and enjoy our collection.