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Iga Warta

Iga Warta

via Copley
Copley, South Australia, 5732

Phone: (08) 8648 3737

Iga Warta - The Place of the Native Orange

• Come and learn about the Adnyamathanha culture...
• Come and hear the silence of the bush...
• Come and see the Flinders Ranges like never before...
• Come and smell the damper cooking...
• Come and experience Iga Warta !

Our natural environment has so much to offer the visitor:

* the rugged mountains
* the ever changing flora of the area, especially after rain
* the moss rocks with their contrasting colours
* the sounds of the birdlife stirring in the morning
* the millions of bright stars at night 

Aboriginal Cultural Tours - Experience Adnyamathanha interpretation of the environment

* tours to painting sites
* tours to story sites to learn of their significance
* learn about the importance of the local flora and fauna
* taste bushtucker (seasons permitting) 

Campfire evenings - Experience a traditional campfire

• listen to stories
• learn about Adnyamathanha culture through music
• smell and taste the damper
• feel a part of the environment 

Cultural & Environmental walks - Experience Adnyamathanha culture as you walk through the bush

• learn about bush tucker
• learn about bush medicine
• hear the silence of the bush
• understand how Adnyamathanha people feel about the environment
• experience the beauty of the arid lands flora and fauna 

Experience our land with an Adnyamathanha guide

* interpret traditional Rock-Art
* share cultural experiences
* visit Adnyamathanha story sites
* learn about contemporary Adnyamathanha society

Overnight Tours as well as 4 Wheel-Drive and tag a long Tours are available on request.

Our small interpretive centre offers our visitor an added dimension to the tours and allows them to see photos of people and places featured on our contact history tour.


We have safari tents with ensuite bathroom for those visitors who like to still be a part of the environment but like a few home comforts. They sleep four people very comfortably and have a dining table and TV for your convenience or you may choose to sit out on the decking and take in the sunrise or sunset or read a book in the shade.



We do of course welcome independent travellers who are welcome to stay in our campground and use any of our facilities and the magnificent views of the ranges.


We look forward to seeing you and sharing this magnificent part of the Flinders Ranges soon.